5 Xeriscape Plants You Can Grow in Your Backyard

If you’ve watched the news or lived in Colorado for more than a week, then you probably are aware of the drought. It seems we are always in a drought, but that could be because Colorado is almost a desert. This lack of water or upcharge on water may mean the end of your beautiful yard, or does it?

Yards in Colorado can still look beautiful and inviting by using xeriscape landscaping instead. How do you know which plants will work in your backyard? Here is a list from Colorado Springs landscape design experts of different plants that will thrive in your xeriscape yard.


When you think “xeriscape” you usually don’t think “tree”, but there are a wide variety of trees that are the perfect xeriscape plant for your backyard. If you’re hoping for some nice shade and privacy, then consider a Honeylocust or Hawthorne tree. If you are looking for more of an evergreen tree, then check out the Ponderosa or Pinyon Pine.


Shrubs are for more than just men in armor banging coconuts. Shrubs are a great way to liven up your yard with some color. Shrubs come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a leafy green shrub, then a False Indigo Plant or Kinnikinick may be the shrub of your dreams. Flowery shrubs you may want could be Rabbitbrush or Apache Plume.


Xeriscaping doesn’t mean giving up on grass. There is a wide variety of grasses that can fill your yard and save your water bill. Some grasses are good in small spots like the Bluestem or Mexican Feather. These bursts of fluffy grass can be perfect in a variety of spots and between trees and shrubs. If you want a full grassy lawn, then options like Buffalograss or Blue Grama may be just the plant for you.


Vines may be that dream plant that you’ve always wanted in your yard. You may think that in order to have vines, you have to have a lot of water and live somewhere like Seattle, but you can still xeriscape with vines. A Silver Lace is a prime example of a vine that can thrive in a xeriscape yard.


Flowers can be the heart and soul of a beautiful yard. Xeriscaping isn’t just those weedy looking plants that you may think of, there are many beautiful and colorful flowers that can fill your yard yet need little maintenance. Colorado Blue Desert Stars, Winecups, Cream Beauty Snow Crocuses, and Sundrops are just some of the many flowers that can create a rainbow of colors to your xeriscape yard.

It’s surprising how many plants you can still use for your xeriscape. Succulents and even vegetables can be grown in your xeriscape plans. It all depends on your yard’s soil content, amount of sun, and your imagination. You can make your xeriscape yard into the backyard of your dreams.

Colorado Springs Landscape Design Experts

If you’re still unsure of what plants would thrive best in your backyard, don’t ask the guy at the hardware store, talk to us! At Paradise Outdoor Design & Landscaping, we know plants and we know yards. We are able to come to your property—residential or commercial—to inspect things like how much sun it gets and where, as well as what type of soil you have. We will also listen intently as you explain your goals for the space. Through our tried-and-true landscaping process, our team of southern Colorado landscaping professionals will work with you to make those goals a reality. Call us today to get a quote!