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Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping is one of the top landscaping companies serving Colorado Springs and beyond that specializes in designing and building custom backyard ponds, waterfall designs, and outdoor water fountains that look natural and add beauty and value to your home. There is nothing in the world better than coming home and escaping to a tranquil area of the yard where your stresses of the day will just melt away. In fact, one of today’s hottest landscape trends are landscape water features—ponds and waterfalls—custom built into your landscaping.

The relaxing sound of a slow-moving stream gently cascading over a waterfall is a very soothing and enjoyable addition to any landscape. At Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping, beautiful, low maintenance water features are our specialty and are considered to be one of the highest quality Colorado Springs, Monument, and Castle Rock landscaping companies. We specialize in making it happen for our customers. The natural ability of running water to soothe the senses has been used for ages. We meet with each customer to decide what kind of water feature you’re envisioning—from outdoor water fountains to waterfalls, we make your dreams come true. We deal with all types of landscape water features!

Custom Outdoor Landscape Waterfall Design
Colorado Spring Custom Landscape Waterfall Design

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