Paradise Outdoor Design & Landscaping specializes in stream design and build in Colorado. We serve the front range areas of Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, Woodmoor, Black Forest, and Colorado Springs with outdoor water feature installation. Streams are one of the many water features that we can customize for your home and are the perfect way to elevate your custom landscape design.

What to Consider When Designing a Stream

We customize all our projects and handle everything for you, from design to installation. We’ll work with you on stream location, size, and slope, as well as how loud – or quiet – you want it to be, and the selection of rocks and plant life you want to incorporate.

Backyard Streams with Landscape


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    Monument CO Custom Outdoor Water Features with Landscaping

    The Benefits of Streams in Residential Landscaping

    Streams are a beautiful and peaceful addition to any residential landscape. Moving water has countless benefits for you, your plant life, and any wildlife you might have around. Streams provide:

    Sounds of nature – the sound of flowing water is one of the best tranquil sounds. By adding a stream to your home, you create a private oasis to escape to whenever you need a peaceful moment.

    A clean pond – moving water keeps the base of your backyard pond clean and prevents mosquitos and other pests from taking up residence in a yard.

    Wildlife – adding outdoor water features to your home invites birds, frogs, and other small animals to stop by for a bath or a drink of water and sometimes even take up residence in your stream. You might even see a few ducks or deer pass through for a quick drink of refreshing water!

    Oxygenation – streams activate the water with movement, creating an influx of fresh oxygen into the water. Oxygenation revitalizes the stream itself, ponds, and any other custom water features you may have connected to your steam.

    Irrigation – streams can be used to irrigate your lawn and garden, so you don’t have to worry about setting a sprinkler schedule – you can keep your plant life satiated naturally.

    If you’re interested in adding a stream as a custom outdoor water feature in your landscape, contact our amazing team at Paradise Outdoor Design & Landscaping today!