Plants You Can Grow in Your Backyard

Grow These Plants In Your Colorado Backyard

Every Spring, Valerie runs down to her local garden store and loads up on hundreds of dollars’ worth of beautiful plants. She waits until she has a week or so of beautiful weather before planting them in her yard. The next day, it snows and all her plants die.

Many people experience this exact same scenario in Colorado. Even waiting until after Memorial Day isn’t a guaranteed safe bet for keeping your plants safe from heavy storms and frosts. Fear not! This doesn’t mean that your yard is forever doomed to be without the beauty of flowers and other plants. A variety of plants can thrive in your Colorado backyard, despite our crazy weather.


Flowers can be an eye-catching way to spruce up your backyard, but they can be tricky. It doesn’t usually work to just pick out the ones you like the looks of and throw them in the ground. With a little TLC, your yard can become a rainbow of hearty, healthy plants. Balancing sun exposure and selecting a mixture of annuals and perennials is a great place to start.


  • Coral Bells: Also known as, Heuchera, these flowers do well in full and partial sun, as well as less water.
  • Columbine: Of course, the state flower would thrive in our state! (pictured above)
  • Poppy Mallow: They bloom early in the season, but can continue to bloom all summer long.
  • Russian Sage: This bee and butterfly magnet can help invite pollinators in, which benefit other plants in your yard.
  • Cheyenne Spirit: Also known as, Echinacea, these colorful flowers are native to high country lands. They come in a variety of colors and do well in droughts and high sun.


  • Petunias: These hearty flowers bloom in the summer, fall, and spring, and can endure the crazy weather we have here in Colorado.
  • Angelonia: If you want a yard filled with birds, this is the plant for you. It attracts birds and stays hearty all season long.
  • Gazania: These beautiful blooms can withstand drought and the long sunny days.
  • Verbena: This plant thrives in the sun and can even withstand deer!


What better way to fill your backyard than with plants you can eat? Having a vegetable garden is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. Imagine cooking delicious, made-from-scratch meals with ingredients you grew yourself! Timing and spacing is key to the perfect Colorado backyard vegetable garden

Common Home-Grown Vegetables:

  • Bulbs, Roots, and Leafy Greens: These are best to plant in early spring. These plants come up fast and do well in the warm days and cool nights. You could be tossing together a home-grown spinach and kale salad sooner than you think!
  • Potatoes: Planting tuber vegetables 3″ deep can protect them from early frosts. Cover your spuds up to help them grow strong and delicious!

Professional Tips:

  • Space: You can grow nearly every vegetable you want to, as long as you space them out. You may think you can cram a bunch of tomato plants in one corner of the backyard garden but, in your space, maybe it should only be two or three. Each vegetable has different recommendations—ask a landscaping expert for advice!
  • Cover: Cover your vegetables with hail blankets to protect them from damage during heavy storms. Coverings also help to fend off wildlife—remember, Peter Rabbit is not your friend when it comes to the garden!

Other Plants

Beyond the flowers and vegetables, there are other plants that can thrive in your backyard.

  • Grass: If your soil is taken care of and prepped properly, then any grass you desire can grow strong and lush in your yard
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is surprisingly hearty. It not only survives in Colorado’s climate, it can thrive! However, be careful how you plant the bamboo. If not kept in check, it can take over your entire yard because it is an invasive species.
  • Herbs: Like vegetables, herbs are rewarding to grow in your own backyard. With the proper care, they too will thrive. Plucking the flowers from the herbs quickly can help retain flavor to the plant, while leaving them alone will invite bees and other major pollinators to help all your plants.


When you’re ready to transform your yard into a personalized, “Garden of Eden,” we can help. Our landscaping experts can help you select the best plants for you and help you design exactly where to put them. Your yard can become an outdoor living space that you won’t want to leave. Reach out today!