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Landscape Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garden Looking Sensational

When properly maintained, outdoor landscaping can dramatically enhance the look of your property and add splashes of color that increase the overall curb appeal of your home. But sometimes the toughest part of maintaining your gardens is not understanding the different landscaping maintenance requirements that your plants have. This can lead to unhealthy plants that may die or become unsightly, and that defeats the purpose of your landscaping altogether. At Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping, we care about the longevity of your plants and want to share our garden plant care guide to help you care for your outdoor landscaped areas in a way that will keep them looking bright and healthy for years to come.

How-To Guide: Properly Caring for Your Plants

Many plants require specialized landscaping maintenance solutions to keep them in their best form. As the seasons change, your various plants will respond differently from each other and it can be difficult to know what to expect from them. Our plant care guide covers some of the more common plants that we use for landscaping in Colorado’s unique climate. Listed below, you will find names, images, and care instructions for each plant, depending on seasonal changes.

Garden Plant Care Guide



 Autumn Blaze Maple

Plant Care Guide for Autumn Blaze Maple in Monument, CO Very little clean up. Winter protection. Prune twice per year.
 Black Eyed Susan Plant Care Guide forBlack Eyed Susanin Monument, CO Perennials—come back every year. In late autumn, cut back stalks.
Best in full sun.
 Blackfoot Daisy Plant Care Guide for Blackfoot Daisy in Monument, CO Blooms most of the year. Attracts bees and butterflies.
 Blue Fescue Plant Care Guide forBlue Fescuein Monument, CO Low maintenance.
 Blue Mist Plant Care Guide for Blue Mist in Monument, CO Drought tolerant. Careful to not over fertilize. Late-spring bloom.
 Blue Spruce Plant Care Guide for Blue Spruce in Monument, CO Susceptible to pine weevils.
 Dwarf Burning Bush Plant Care Guide for Dwarf Burning Bush in Monument, CO Slow-growing. Easy care. Little-to-no pest problems.
 Eastern Purple Coneflower Plant Care Guide for Eastern Purple Coneflower in Monument, CO Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Doesn’t do well with other plants.
Make sure to weed well.
English Lavender Plant Care Guide for English Lavender in Monument, CO Appears late spring/early summer. Attracts butterflies and repels deer.
 Fire & Ice Hosta Plant Care Guide for Fire & Ice Hosta in Monument, CO Susceptible to slugs and deer. Doesn’t stay green all winter.
 Purple Butterfly Bush Plant Care Guide for Purple Butterfly Bush in Monument, CO Really late to bloom, but will bloom abundantly! Deer resistant.
 Quaking Aspen Plant Care Guide for Quaking Aspen in Monument, CO Monitor soil moisture. Aspens require very moist soil.
You may have to water in winter to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out.
You can also spread mulch on soil around the trees to keep the moisture
in the soil, but be sure to keep mulch away from tree trunks.
 Red Barberry Plant Care Guide for Red Barberry in Monument, CO Year-round low maintenance.
 Russian Sage Plant Care Guide for Russian Sage in Monument, CO Thrives in dry soil. Minimal care.
 Salvia Plant Care Guide for Salvia in Monument, CO Will bloom summer through autumn. Drought tolerant.
Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.
 Shasta Daisy Plant Care Guide for Shasta Daisyin Monument, CO Short-lived perennial.
 Snowball Bush Plant Care Guide for Snowball Bush in Monument, CO Starts green, then moves to white, eventually fading to pink Spring bloom.
 Spring Snow Crabapple Plant Care Guide for Spring Snow Crabapple in Monument, CO Fruitless. Possibly susceptible to spider mites. Prune in the winter.
 Stonecrop Autumn Joy Plant Care Guide for Stonecrop Autumn Joy in Monument, CO Blooms in the fall—red to bronze.
 Yarrow Plant Care Guide for Yarrow in Monument, CO Drought resistant and attracts butterflies. Nice to cut and dry.
 Yellow Potentilla Plant Care Guide for Yellow Potentilla in Monument, CO Thrives in cold weather.
 Ornamental Grasses Plant Care Guide for Ornamental Grasses in Monument, CO Insect resistant. Easy to care for. Adds interest and height to yard.
Cut down in spring or fall, depending on preference.

As noted in our garden plant guide above, a few of these plants attract deer, insects, and birds that can cause a nuisance if not properly maintained, so it’s important to understand their landscaping maintenance requirements in order to enable them to thrive in your garden. Other plants need to be pruned or cut back over the fall months, so that they will successfully come back in the spring.

About Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping

Our team has been providing a full spectrum of landscaping maintenance, design, and installation services for over 25 years. We have worked with homeowners and businesses all over our community to plan, design, and bring stunning landscape elements to life. We offer complete landscaping services including residential, commercial, and luxury landscaping, as well as retaining walls, paving stones, walkways, patios, and many other structures. We also provide xeriscaping services to make the most of Colorado’s arid climate and can install water features such as pondless waterfalls and outdoor living spaces including fire pits and outdoor kitchens—ideal for Colorado’s warm summers.

Plant Care Guide and Garden Maintenance in Monument, CO

Why Use A Professional, Local Landscaping Company?

Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping aims to be your one-stop-shop for all landscaping maintenance, design, and installation needs. Whether you’re looking for a quick plant care guide to assist with ongoing maintenance or you’re ready to start an entire landscape renovation, our team handles the full scope of work to ensure that you receive the landscaping you want without the need for multiple vendors. Our proven landscaping process was designed with you in mind. We plan everything in advance and can show you renderings of what your landscaped areas will look like once complete. Your satisfaction is important to us, and it’s how we’ve built a strong, positive reputation with our customers. Our installers and landscaping maintenance crews will always show up on time, ready to provide their best effort while working on your property.

Our plant care guide will help you maintain your plants, but you can always ask for help! To discuss your landscaping maintenance needs or to plan and design new landscaping for your home or business, contact Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping today and we’ll work with you to turn your property into a manicured masterpiece.

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