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Pavilion Design & Installation for Colorado Landscaping

Whether at home in your backyard or as a way to enhance a commercial space, an outdoor pavilion provides a welcome escape from the heat of the sun and enables you to achieve a higher level of enjoyment of your property’s landscape. At Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping, pavilion design & installation is one of our specialties, and we can help you take your ideas and turn them into a durable yet elegant landscape structure to complement your residential or commercial outdoor living space.

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What is the Difference Between a Pavilion, a Pergola, & a Gazebo?

Pavilion Landscape Structure


A pavilion is an outdoor landscape structure with a full roof supported by posts (typically only four, but it depends on the overall size). There are no walls, and no built-up floor like a gazebo would have. A custom pavilion design & installation is an excellent option for those who want shade and elegance, without actually enclosing the space. Picture a backyard pavilion with sprawling seating and lounging areas underneath, adjacent to a luxurious pool or pond. Or providing shade for customers who want to enjoy the grounds of your commercial property without losing the beauty of the outdoors.


A pergola is very similar in design to a pavilion with four posts and a roof. However, the roof structure of a pergola is open to the elements with only rafters providing partial shade. Some may install privacy screens or slats to block unwanted views, but otherwise, the intention of a pergola design is to keep everything open while adding a hefty dose of elegance.

Backyard Gazebo


Gazebos are meant to be more self-contained and typically offer a built-in raised floor and full roof. They may be smaller and offer a more intimate feeling compared to a larger pavilion and will usually have the sides filled in with railings or half walls. As a commonly desired landscape structure, gazebos serve a similar purpose of providing shade, but offer a cozier solution depending on the intended usage.

Benefits of a Backyard Pavilion

The biggest advantage of constructing a backyard pavilion is that it can help you make the most out of an otherwise underutilized space and enhance your overall outdoor living experience. The shade that is provided by any landscape structure can offer you relief and protection from the sun’s rays, enabling you to stay outdoors longer (especially in the case of small children).

Pavilion designs are traditionally installed in a rectangular in shape, making them optimal for space planning and outdoor furniture arrangement. Perhaps most importantly, they aren’t just for fair-weather use. Your pavilion can provide refuge from rain or snow and offer this protection from the elements year-round. For residential applications, this means that from relaxing by the pool to huddling around the fireplace with a mug of cocoa in the winter, your pavilion can help you maximize your time spent outdoors.

There are also a number of accompanying accessories that you can incorporate into your pavilion landscape structure. If you plan to run electricity to your pavilion, you can integrate ceiling fans, lighting solutions, heaters, and water misters, or built-in appliances for fire installations, outdoor kitchens, and more. You can choose for your pavilion design & installation to be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

Don’t forget – pavilions can be utilized in both residential and commercial spaces. Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping can help you provide shade to playgrounds, picnic areas, outdoor storage yards, farmer’s markets, and more.

Why Choose Paradise Landscaping for Pavilion Design & Installation?

When you choose to work with our team, your project will become our obsession. We spend each day supporting our customers’ dreams and helping them achieve the reality of their vision. Our design team has a wealth of knowledge and can help you plan your backyard pavilion or other landscape structure and ensure that no detail is missed.

We aim to make a positive impact on the landscaping industry and have set our focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers on projects both big and small. Contact us via an online form or call a team member directly at (719) 481-2355 to discuss the details of your pavilion project and get unparalleled support from Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping.

Paradise Outdoor Design & Landscaping, specializing in Pavilion Design and installation, extends its exemplary services to
the scenic locations of Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, Woodmoor, Black Forest, Larkspur, and Tri-
Lakes. Our expert team combines artistry and engineering to craft breathtaking pavilions that complement the natural
beauty of each locale. From conceptualization to final installation, we ensure meticulous attention to detail, resulting in
unique pavilions that epitomize style and functionality.

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