How an Outdoor Living Space Improves Your Home’s Resale Value

outdoor living space

The Value of an Outdoor Living Space

Watching any home improvement show for more than ten minutes will show you that outdoor living spaces are very popular right now. They look luscious and relaxing, but will they hurt your home’s value to have something so trendy? Actually, adding an outdoor living space will improve your home’s resale value and can be a smart investment. Here are different features that can add value to your home.

Patio or Wooden Deck

Having a large lawn may sound nice, but it makes it hard to truly enjoy the space. A properly proportioned deck or patio with your lawn will make your yard more inviting and appealing.

Most people are looking for a patio or deck when they are looking for a home. The cost of putting in a patio may be pricey, but the value it brings to your home can be huge. If you have an existing deck, updating and repairing it is a great idea, as that can also bump up your home’s resale value considerably. Paradise Outdoor Design can assists with either project.

The key to a good deck or patio is to ensure it isn’t too large or too small. A patio area that takes up your entire yard will look strange, as well as too small of a deck or patio.


Firepits are a great way to add value, particularly if you choose to go with a gas firepit. Even just having an area that is the “pit” can add value. Of course, safety is a must. Talk to both the city for zoning laws and the fire department for safety.

Firepits wow prospective buyers as being a cool feature that has the potential for year-round enjoyment.

Outdoor Kitchen or Room

That outdoor kitchen, sports bar, or living room you’ve been dreaming is a great investment. Backyard barbecues and parties will be the talk of the town when you have more than a grill, but an entire kitchen. It doesn’t have to be used just for parties either. Outdoor rooms are enjoyable for family nights at home.

Be careful with the features you add in your outdoor room. An outdoor pizza oven may sound cool, but other people may see it as a pain.

Pergola or Overhang

Installing a pergola or protection from the elements over your outdoor living space can turn it into a year-round space. While the wow factor isn’t always as dramatic with this sort of structure, it’s all about how you use it. And for the right potential buyer, it could be just the thing to take your home from great to sold.

Tips to Remember

When you are designing your outdoor space, be conscious of the neighborhood and market. Having the coolest and fanciest backyard on the block sounds nice, but it’s also important to fit in with your neighbors. Add features that you will actually use and enjoy. Look for those things that will also add real value to your home.

If you’re ready to create that amazing outdoor living space, contact us today!