What to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Creating a Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is here which means it’s time to cook outdoors. Cooking inside can heat up your entire house, even if you’re just using the stove. So, save on that A/C bill and take the meal prep outside. That delicious meal is now an event with the side benefits of fresh, mountain air and the sounds of songbirds. Don’t meddle in a sauna, err hot house, all summer, it’s time to cook outside with an outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen provides an excellent ROI, makes your yard more enjoyable, and is perfect for both entertaining and every day cooking. You may be dreaming of that ideal outdoor kitchen, but what should you include in your amazing new outdoor living space?


The heart of your kitchen is the stove or grill, so it’s great idea to start your plans for an outdoor kitchen with the cooking element. A grill combined with a four-burner stove can maximize your outdoor cooking space. While you grill the steaks, you can be sautéing those delicious summer vegetables on the stove. Having both a grill and a stove is a great way to balance your outdoor kitchen. You might even considering adding a flattop to the mix. Commercial property owners may be interested in providing a full-service, outdoor kitchen for guest chefs to use during events.

Just a grill or just a stove can limit you but having both will maximize your options and encourage more frequent use for an even better ROI. The resell value of your home just went up too, in case you should ever want to start anew somewhere else.


After you’ve decided on your heating element(s), now it’s time to shift gears to the counter space. To avoid the incessant, and inevitablly messy, trips back and forth between the kitchen inside and your cooking setup outside, you’ll need counters and storage. Stainless steel drawers and cabinets are a great way to add style and sturdy storage that can handle the outdoor elements. Granite counter tops not only look great, but they hold up well and are easy to keep clean. While stone pavers provide a more rustic look. And don’t forget the sink!

Our team of landscaping experts are well-versed in all the bells and whistles available, as well as the most sought-after upgrades. Speak with an expert today about your outdoor kitchen options.


No kitchen is complete without appliances. Pair a stainless steel outdoor refrigerator with your stainless-steel cabinets for a cohesive look. Go beyond the fridge by adding extra features like a built-in trash can, drop-in cooler, and must-have keg station. You may even decide to add a wine fridge! If you can dream it, we’ll do our best to build it.

Other Features

Your outdoor kitchen is only limited by your imagination. An outdoor smoker is a great feature to add. Smoked brisket, chicken, pork, elk, or any other food you desire can become the hit of your meal and your party.

If smoked meat isn’t your style, how about a pizza oven? Your home will most certainly be the “fun” home for your kids and their friends with an outdoor pizza oven. Nothing brings people together like pizza. Combine an outdoor fire pit with your pizza oven for a fun filled evening of pizza and togetherness.

If you’re ready to make your dream a reality, we can help. Contact us today, so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen this summer.