Safe, Beautiful Fire Pit Designs You’ll Love

fire pit

Fire pits are a great way to spend extra time outside. Nothing draws people together like gathering around the fire. Fire pits have a way of getting people to open up and share stories and grow closer. Adding a fire pit to your yard may seem like a daunting and dangerous task, but here are 8 safe and beautiful designs

Square Fire Pit

Go beyond the traditional round design with a square look. Square and rectangular fire pits are a great way to stand out, without compromising on safety or breaking the bank. Square pits are a simple way to make a dramatic statement in your outdoor living space.

Drop Down Deck Fire Pit

Having a separate area in your yard for your fire pit is a great way to keep it safe. Having a drop-down deck or secondary outdoor living area dedicated to this feature can add visual appeal and keep little hands safe from trouble. A separate location can also reduce any safety concerns you may have. You could add a second deck or patio for your fire pit.

In-Ground Fire Pit

An in-ground pit can be a great way to keep people safe. When it’s not in use, put a decorative cover over it to keep anyone from falling in or playing with the ashes. The versatility of an in-ground pit can also be gas or wood burning as well as any shape you want. Your imagination is the limit.

Glass Box Fire Pit

Putting the fire behind glass not only looks beautiful, but it also adds safety to the mix. No one will accidently stick their hand, hair, or clothes in the fire if it is protected by glass. The glass gives it an indoor/outdoor feel. Similar to a fireplace inside, the glass box fire pit is protected and separated. Be careful, the glass is hot. With fire inside glass, it can be coupled with a functional table for meals or serving to create a dramatic statement.

BBQ Fire Pit

Flame grilled anything sounds like a treat. Bring the joy of camp food to your backyard party with a barbeque fire pit. A dedicated barbecue pit cannot only give your hamburgers and hotdogs that delicious flame grilled taste, you can also have some excellent Dutch Oven cooking. Your backyard parties will be the toast of the town with your original cooking.

Burning Bowl Fire Pit

Looking for a unique design? Try a bowl shape. This eye-catching design will draw your guests near. Couple it with fire glass filler and you have a pit that could grace the cover of any magazine. You can have several small bowls scattered around for light or one large bowl to bring every one together.

Water Feature and Fire Pit

Opposites attract, and so will your water feature fire pit combination. There are endless ways these two features could be combined to create a relaxing and enjoyable space.

Take that backyard pond up a notch by adding a fire pit on the banks or even in the middle. Light up your summer nights and enjoy your pond beyond the daylight hours.

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of trickling water from a waterfall or stream. What better way to enhance your waterfall or stream in your outdoor space than to add a beautiful fire pit.

Fire Place Fire Pit

If you want a fire feature but are unsure of safety, then creating an outdoor fireplace may be a better choice for you. Outdoor fire places can offer many of the same benefits of a pit. With summer here, you may want to enjoy a nice fire in the fire place, but don’t want to heat up your entire home. With an outdoor fire place, you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy the amazing night air.

Are you ready to have a fire feature of your own? We can make your backyard dreams come true, contact us today.