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Bubbling rock fountains are fountains that are built into beautiful rocks that can be added to your front or backyard to create a subtle yet tranquil oasis for your home. Bubbling rocks water features are a stunning outdoor improvement project for your water garden or pond. They can be a great yard substitute or a thoughtful addition to a small space. Not only are bubbling rock fountains visually appealing, but the soothing sound of water can be great for relaxation and calming. Bubbling rocks require specialized landscaping expertise to design and install.

Water Fountain Outdoor in backyard

Bubbling rock water features are beautiful and low maintenance and are today’s hottest trend in custom outdoor design. Because the water is contained to a smaller area, bubbling rock fountains can also be used inside your home!   

Bubbling rock fountains are great for:   


  • Smaller yards that require smaller design features
  • Water circulation for existing ponds and streams 
  • Water irrigation for gardens  
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces  


Outdoor design and landscaping professionals are usually hired to install water features. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted landscaping company to install water features in your home, contact Paradise Outdoor Design & Landscaping in Monument, Colorado, today!