4 Hot Backyard Design Ideas to Consider

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Colorado Springs Landscaping: Challenge or Opportunity?

If you’ve ever sat on your back doorstep, looking out over your neighbor’s yard in envy, we’ll go ahead and diagnose that as ‘landscaping envy’. It’s true, once you see that someone else in your neighborhood has enlisted the services of a landscaper, you start questioning whether your own backyard could be made any better.

The problem is, many of us lack the imagination and the know-how to turn a blank canvas backyard into something extraordinary. It’s not impossible, but it just may take the help of a professional to bring your property’s potential to the surface. Landscapers thrive on revolutionizing an empty space, so why not leave it in their capable hands? If you’re wanting ideas and inspiration before you go ahead, we’ve included some helpful backyard design ideas to consider below.

Steep Backyards Aren’t Your Nemesis

Colorado Springs is known for its rugged terrain in some parts, which makes Colorado Springs landscaping a unique challenge. Not every homeowner is going to be blessed with a level backyard. The reality is, there’s every possibility it could have a subtle, or even steep, decline. Don’t see this as a disadvantage. While it may feel like there’s no way of turning that grass covered hill into an outdoor paradise, it actually has more potential than you’d think.

There are so many ways to work with properties on an incline or decline, and many landscapers love a challenge. In fact, the team at Paradise Outdoor Design and Landscaping are more than adept at dealing with your incline issue. Upon meeting with you at your property, they would love to share their ideas for the task ahead. This could include landscaped planter steps, a block staircase, separate tiers, or even staggered pathways that split off to different parts of the yard. Why not check out this gallery to find out how steep backyards don’t have to be your nemesis?

Functional Yet Beautiful

If you only have a small backyard, it’s easy to see how you would believe this is a problem. You want enough space for entertaining friends, but you also want to be surrounded by nature and serenity at the same time. Surely this can’t be achieved in one small yard? It’s a common dilemma, but not for an experienced landscaping team.  

Small backyards do mean you come across more functionality issues than if you had a larger yard, but it’s all in how you arrange the space. The key is to create focal points with pathways, cheat the small space with vertical landscaping, and to be simplistic, yet striking, with your design. When you’re ready to talk small space landscaping, call an expert to arrange a consultation.

Add a Water Feature

If you live a high-stress lifestyle with minimal downtime, there’s every reason to include a water feature in your new landscaped backyard. Not only does it look stunning in any space, but it also has health benefits as well. Water features are known to provide soothing sights and sounds, promoting relaxation and reduced stress in the process.

Get Creative With Eyesores

A common problem in Colorado Springs landscaping is how to deal with eyesores in an otherwise perfect blank slate. Have you got a rusty, dusty, web-covered AC box sitting in your yard? Are you trying to hide the neighbor’s backyard junk from sight? It’s time to get creative. Use trellis wood to create a box for your AC box, and then you can begin growing plants around it. This can an add an aesthetically-pleasing aspect to the area. For the neighbor’s junk, you can always start looking for plants that grow vertically, rather than horizontally. Landscapers can provide a range of plants at the perfect height to hide any eyesores in your backyard.

If you believe your backyard is beyond help, think again. There are thousands of backyard design ideas that are sure to fit your space perfectly. Even if they don’t, the right landscaper can offer their expertise to create a customized space that’s picture-perfect for you. Revolutionize your backyard and watch as your property value skyrockets.